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Game of Life Academy is the expert and leader in the field of creative education with game design. We guide individuals to accomplish their personal or business goals by playing Game of Life. In Game of Life, we impart our practical, proven and powerful reality game techniques to reach peak performance and unleash your full potential for your studies and career.

Game of Life Academy also offers experiential and interactive training for companies and organisations to build high-performance teams and winning culture through our reality game techniques. Do you know that employees perform best when they are truly enjoying their work? By playing the right games, a company or an organisation can foster a highly motivated, engaged, and productive, a winning environment that provides conditions for its leaders, employees, customers to succeed and grow together.

Game of Life: The Awakening of Heroes is the number 1 gamified online programme that we have developed over the years, to guide individuals to achieve their goals faster and easier than they ever imagined. It is created and developed by our Founder, Anm Pek. She applied the reality game techniques and received amazing results. She was able to achieve her childhood dream of becoming a best-selling author, Success Today, which hits 2 Amazon best-seller lists; received her Best Seller Quilly award in Hollywood, LA; and published her first book, The Secret Code: Is It For Real? with SGD16,000 funding. Due to her success, she releases her secret codes of how she did it in a step by step approach in Game of Life: The Awakening of Heroes, so that to help people to achieve their goals.

Game of Life Academy is the publisher and distributor of FlashbackTM and RecollectTM - collaborative enrichment and learning card games to develop association skill, creativity and Socratic questioning. We innovated and combined brainstorming and mind mapping into one and called it Game MappingTM.

Get our Game of Life Prelude - an introduction of Game of Life: The Awakening of Heroes

Suitable for Self (JC Student), Self (Adult)
Serves West, North, East / Northeast, Central, South / CBD Region in Singapore


Contact: 9858 8822
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