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  • 1474705906_532_PhotoMath.jpg
    Posted on 21/02/2015

    A Maths Teacher Worst Nightmare

    Check out the latest mind-blowing apps that will solve the complex maths questions.

  • 1474706730_533_eph_20122014_psle_papers_1444036630_b7260750.jpg
    Posted on 14/02/2015

    3 Years of Exams in a Book

    Finally, something that every parent needs to prepare their children for PSLE.

  • 1474710369_549_the-game-of-liiifffeee.jpg
    Posted on 10/01/2015

    Living Your Life In a Game

    Game Of Life

  • 1452263317_261_10947275_597921377005944_1648374372525277844_n.jpg
    Posted on 04/01/2015

    KungFu Maths

    Review on Kungfu Maths

  • 1478415402_589_one.jpg
    Posted on 06/11/2014

    6 Sensational Ways To Bond With Your Child

    Way #1: Date Mate

    Find pockets of time to date your child, just like when you took time off for dating!

  • 1469754164_421_17_things_to_remember.jpg
    Posted on 14/08/2014

    小六会考口试 - 看图说话 - 该注意的事


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